SecurStar is a leader in encryption and security matters. Our customers, law enforcement agencies such as Scotland Yard, as well as military and defense departments of several countries such as the Ministry of Defence in Singapore and others, or even governmental institutions such as the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) .
Besides the above, here is a short list of some of the largest multinational companies that have already entrusted their security needs to SecurStar.


Reference Letter regarding DriveCrypt

Our company along with most other Financial Services companies have to ensure to the best of their ability that any data, which is remote from the company has to be secure and encrypted, we are no exception to this but what product to use? Having settled on a product for our laptops fixed disks we found that the same company did not provide the same level security for our USB memory sticks. After extensive research we decided that DriveCrypt would be the product of choice.

We found the following:

It was easy to setup and use.
It enabled us to choose from several “industry standard” encryption algorithms.
It gave us the ability to transport the executable file from PC to PC.
When a USB stick is inserted into a USB port a pop up is displayed requesting a password before access is allowed.
The encryption file was not easily removed.
It was a stable product with several hidden features which added to the level of security.

We are very happy with the level of service we have received from SecurStar although we are not in the same country.

In general DriveCrypt has proved to be a reliable product that some of our non IT-literate customers found extremely easy to use.

Yours Sincerely,
David Hawkins
IT Support Manager

Volkswagen Financial Services (UK) Ltd.



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