SecurStar offers a wide range of products, among those, professional hard disk encryption products (container, partition and full disk encryption based, encryption for server and shared networks as well as encryption of data on pocket PCs). Also we offer telephone encryption for mobile phones, and secure-/anonymous Internet that renders your Internet connection encrypted and anonymous when surfing the web.

Disk encryption
SecurStar offers several professional encryption solutions able to encrypt your entire computer, single partitions or create virtual container files. Our products allow fooling aggressors presenting fake data in the event you are ever forced to reveal the password. With the use of steganography, data can also be hidden inside music files. Whether you want to encrypt your PC or Notebook, network drives for multiple user access, or removable medias such as USB disks /sticks /CDs or DVDs, you will find here the ideal solution to cover your needs.


Anonymous surfing
SurfSolo makes the user totally anonymous and invisible in the Internet so he can not be located. The solution creates an encrypted virtual tunnel between the computer and one of the worldwide SecurStar proxy servers. This tunnel shields users from the most malicious methods of online spying. SurfSolo acts like a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) for companies although having been designed for private use. The solution is easy to install and works transparently in the background.


Telephone encryption
Phonecrypt is a new and innovative software solution for mobile phones providing for tap-proof and encrypted phone calls as well as SMS messages with other mobile phone users. This solution works with a 4096 bit RSA and 256 Bit AES military grade encryption, thus ensuring that business and private telephone conversations remain completely private and tap-proof.


Secure PDA
PocketCrypt is a software designed to encrypt data on Pocket PCs running Windows Mobile. It creates 256 Bit, AES encrypted container files. When the user authenticates, PocketCrypt creates a new virtual “directory” through which data is accessed, while unauthorized users will not see or access the data at all. PocketCrypt containers can also be opened or modified on regular PCs.


USB tokens offer a two level authentication, and therefore, they can with benefit be used in combination with our encryption software.



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