Pocket PC encryption & security with PocketCrypt
Now you can carry DriveCrypt in your pocket.

PocketCrypt is a file encryption program that provides a virtually encrypted storage area for MS Windows Mobile 2003/2005, Win CE operating systems. A container is created in the memory of the Windows Mobile device which is then protected by PocketCrypt Windows encryption software. This Pocket PC encryption software creates a "virtual directory" through which the data is accessed. Automatically any data written to the "virtual directory" is encrypted with the AES algorithm.

With PocketCrypt, you get a device named PCC VIEWER which allows the user to manage all the encrypted data of the Pocket PC through a desktop: to open, to modify, to delete or to create any folder inside the container. PocketCrypt is the fastest Pocket PC file encryption software available on the market today, and in its functionalities, it’s also the most flexible "real time" data storage cryptographic program. Special care has been taken to render all cryptographic parts as invisible and transparent as possible.

Some of the main features of PocketCrypt:

1) MILITARY STRENGTH AES 256 Bit Disk Encryption. SHA 256 Bit used for password encryption for stronger Pocket PC security
2) "On the fly" encryption. The data is encoded and decoded as needed and is never written to permanent storage in clear text form
3) Containers can have any name and extension
4) Manages up to 400 Mb of encrypted data
5) Operates on the Windows platforms : (Win CE 3.x)
6) Pcc Viewer device - allowed the user to manage all the encrypted data of the pocket pc also through a desktop

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Disk Encryption


With PocketCrypt, users can access the power of DriveCrypt as portable encryption for Pocket PC security.

€ 29.99
Trial Download

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System requirements

Windows Mobile 2003/2005, WinCE 4.x, 5.0;
64 KB of free memory for the PocketCrypt installation;

Space to create the PocketCrypt container files.

Note: PocketCrypt does NOT work on Palm-OS




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