Q: Can I encrypt my entire operating System with DCPP ?
A: Yes, you can encrypt your entire operating system without loosing any data on it.

Q: Does installing DCPP require a complete reinstall of WinXP and previously installed programs?
A: No, you can just install DCPP on top of the operating system, DCPP makes the rest.

Q: Does any software and hardware that runs under WinXP also run under WinXP with DCPP?
A: Yes

Q: Does one lose any OS or PC functionality by using DCPP ?
A: Hibernate will not work when using DCPP.

Q: Can one use any DOS based tools on the DCPP disk ?
A: Yes. But in read only mode

Q: Can one use partitioning tools like Partition Magic with DCPP ?
A: No. DCPP encrypts the whole partitions and partitioning tools are not able to understand the DCPP format.

Q: Can one use imaging tools like DriveImage with DCPP
A: Yes.

Q: Can one use the WinXP recovery console if needed?
A: No, not if the boot disk is encrypted

Q: Does DCPP encrypt only an entire disk or can it work on individual volumes/partitions?
A: It encrypts individual partitions.

Q: Does DCPP work with hardware RAID? Software RAID?
A: We did not test it, so for now RAID is not supported.

Q: What happens if WinXP or other software crashes?
A: Data can be lost this way if WinXP crashes and will not boot and the boot disk is encrypted, the way to recover from this situation is to install the WinXP software on a new disk, or a new partition and decrypt the original boot disk, then the normal WinXP recovery tool can be used

Q: How vulnerable is DCPP to corruption errors? Is there any mechanism to recover the disk after some corruption?
A: Yes there is the emergency repair disk, which handles recovering from a corrupt MBR

Q: How much performance penalty is there when running WinXP under DCPP?
A: Usually the user will not notice any loss of performance, however it may be possible to measure a loss of 1-3%. This numbers are very system specific.

Q: Does DCPP work with dynamic volumes?
A: No. If you also need to work with dynamic volumes, please consider using DriveCrypt in combination with DCPP.

Q: What is the purpose of this new DCPPaid.exe file ?
A: The purpose of this file is to keep reminding the user that his DriveCrypt Plus Pack evaluation period has expired and he should now uninstall the software. We Did not think it fair to deny him access to his disks, or suddenly remind him that it would be unavailable pretty soon, so we designed this reminder program, which cannot be removed without uninstalling DriveCrypt Plus Pack. The DCPPaid file is not spyware, and we do not use it to communicate or store anything about the user's activities.

Q: I would like to have a personalized version of your software, is this possible?
A: Yes, please contact us at



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